Accomplish Everything With Mini-Habits

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You can learn mini habits and accomplish quite a lot. Remember, a habit is just changing what you’re doing. Once you change what you’re doing, you’re going to get the different results. If you get better results, you’re going to then continue to do more of that. If you think about not eating junk food, and you get to just one month without eating any junk food, that’s a wonderful thing, especially if you feel and look better. But that’s a huge behavioral change. So if you go mini, and just stop eating one type of junk food for one month, that doesn’t you can’t enjoy other food for the rest of the month. If you stop eating one little thing, it’s a mini habit of changing your diet.

Creating mini-habits will create massive personal change.

It’s like starting the engine of a car. As you put the key in the ignition, you don’t just pull it clockwise, you have to go click by click, and then eventually the ignition starts. Give yourself that chance before you expect a huge change of events in life. If you want to exercise more, that can be a huge thing for a lot of people. Instead of going to the gym and buying yourself a huge big membership that cost hundreds of dollars, and going out and getting all the gear that’s on sale, why not just commit to doing one press-up? Yes, just one. If you do one press up

Today, and tomorrow you have committed yourself to do two press ups, you’ve actually done

two pieces of exercise. You have to start somewhere. Give yourself that mini habit of doing something very small and easy once a day, and then two days in a row, and so on. That is creating a habit, but it’s not too much stress and pressure. Think of it like a New Year’s resolution. If you say you’re going to completely change, are you really going to completely change the following day? It’s unlikely. Perhaps you are in the middle of winter, and there’s no way you can go out and exercise, for example. You need to create the mini-habit again in order to get to these big habits. You need to do positive things.

Set a positive password on your computer. You’re getting on to the laptop to work, because you want to be fruitful and productive. You want to make money, to have a better lifestyle. Why start with a negative password? Why not start with something good, happy, and motivational? And nobody is a better motivator than yourself. Go ahead and give yourself that mini-habit, start creating positive passwords. When you get that new device, start off completely and utterly positive. Create that mini-habit and you will continue to be more productive with that electronic device.

Ditch social media and Facebook. Ditch Instagram. Ditch all social media. Do you really need to be on all platforms? If you are, then you’re going to get yourself into a state of anxiety. Anxiety can ruin your life. It can turn your stomach. You can turn your whole life around to being positive. If you ditch even one of your social media channels, or decide just to not go on it for a week, or go smaller and stop going online for one of those social media accounts one day of the

Week, you’re creating a mini-habit. Then you increase it by going online only to check your email the following day, and not actually going on any of your social media accounts. You are increasing your ability to stay away from social media. That means you are not going to be the victim of extreme advertising. You are just going to be the person who is in control of what and how much you watch and see online. That is a mini-habit that will definitely create a happier you.

If you drink less caffeine, you will then be creating a better mini-habit. Just one glass less per day is going to give you that mini-habit. That doesn’t mean you can’t drink caffeine or coffee forever. Even one sip less at lunchtime is one sip less than you did yesterday. It’s breaking the habit, and in breaking the habits you are creating new mini-habits. Drink more water. The majority of our body is made of water. We need to increase our intake of water. We need to create a habit of drinking more water. Before we create the habit, create the mini-habit. Go right now and get yourself a fresh, clean, clear glass of water and you’ll begin to make that habit a reality.

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