11 Winning Habits That Change Your Life

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Your life will soon be changed with these eleven habits! Start with these eleven habits and you will get to where you want to be.

1. Seek a purpose. That seems a little bit religious, but it’s true. We all have to have some purpose in life. What is the main thing that you need to get out of bed for? We need

to have purpose in our lives, and when you have a purpose that is when you can

actually make a huge and beneficial change not just in your life, but in the

lives of others and in the world itself. This huge purpose needs to be motivated by you, and it needs to be a sustainable motivation.

2. Stop your amygdale. This is the almond-shaped piece of your brain that’s in charge of your safety essentially. This is a basic fundamental part of your brain, but sometimes the amount of that gets in the way. It’s like the really safe grandmother or mother that won’t let you go out playing when it’s a little bit windy. They are trying to protect you. They’re wary of rain, and they’re wary of bad or worse weather. They want you to be safe, but you’ll never enjoy things if you don’t just get out of the house. You won’t be able to create new habits that make you richer, that’ll make you happy, that’ll make you develop more, and so on. So this part of our brain sometimes gets in the way of us changing, taking bolder steps, and developing our confidence. So if you feel afraid of doing something but you’re deeply motivated in some way to do it, push yourself, because you’re pushing yourself beyond that part of your brain.

3.  Relationships need to be developed. Cultivated, enriched relationships are about sustaining themselves for a longer term. That’s why we have this concept of friendship, and the possibility of relationships. We need to cultivate these relationships. Relationships take time and they take effort. Think about saving money. When you put into your bank account, you can see the money on the screen, you can see the numbers increasing. This is giving you motivation. As you invest in your relationships and your friendships, you begin to see things happen. You’ll develop yourself with these people, you’ll learn from these people, you see impact in their lives. You have to be mentally tough, though. We need to push ourselves past the amygdala that’s holding us back.

4. Be mentally tough. Mental toughness is not something that all people are born with. Some people need to really push themselves, really recharge themselves. Building mental toughness stops us from sitting back and blaming other people for things in our lives.

5. Scheduling your day. Know exactly what you want to achieve tomorrow. Your achievements are going to happen once you list in your mind’s eye your goals for the day. Decide that in the morning, I’m going to do ABC and in the evening I’m going to do X Y Z.

6. Complete your hardest task first. This seems like a really tough thing to do. But think of the sense of achievement. You really will feel much better when you do the hardest thing first. You’ll have the rest of the day ahead of you, feeling wonderful about what you’ve accomplished.

7. Break down your goals. Think of your pizza pie. You want to eat it all at once, but you can’t. Slice it down into little sections. You aim to finish it, but smaller chunks work better.

8. Tidy up. Your living space is where you’re going to physically do things and spend time. You need to keep it clean and tidy, because this is going to be a mirror image of thoughts in your mind. If you are untidy and unclean, it will come out in your production. Clean up.

9. Clean up your web space. Clean up your internet emails. Unsubscribe if you need to do so. Why do you need to read all of these things coming into your inbox? Subscribe only to what you really need, what will give you knowledge or help you. That will give you greater motivation.

10. Look at your money and expenses, at what you’re spending. Essentially, what you are spending is going guide you along habitually in the next part of your life. So that will change your life.

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