How to Sell Anything to Anyone

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Today we’re talking about how to sell anything to anyone and get that product out the door.

1. Know the product details inside out. If you’re doing accounts, trying to switch a person over

from one account to the other, you need to know the prices from one country to the other during peak hours and off-peak hours. You need to know if you’re living in Great Britain, calling central

Europe is going to be 10 cents a minute, and that if you’re calling Eastern Europe it’s going to be 27 cents. You have to be consumed in your product, so you’re actually going to make your brain sharper with exactly what’s going on with this product. You know the faults. If you haven’t been asked certain questions by customers before, you can foresee the questions that will be there

in the future. You will also be able to foresee particular useful remix or redesigns of this product, and that means you’re ahead of curve.

2. Use the product. In the case of mobile phones, you have to have that mobile phone on,  you’ve got to show the gadgetry, you need to press all the buttons, you need to know everything and use it every day. By using it every day, you are being seen with it, you are the brand person, and you are that face to that brand. You need to be seen with product by people. Just being seen with it means they know you as the mobile guy and have brand recognition.

3. Know the competition. People will ask you about the competition’s product, so you need to know the competition’s product. In the case of mobile phones, buy by the arch competitor’s mobile phone as well. Have that in your pocket as well. Use it, play games on it, use your email. There must be some app that’s showing better on that competitor’s product. There must be something that is more presentable, more approachable for people. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages to both.

4. Give people a free trial. This shows you trust them. You’re showing them that you’re a trustworthy person. It allows them to break down the walls of any kind of BS

that’s going on. You can then sell them not just the mobile phone, but anything, because they trust you.

5. Give them a money-back guarantee. Tell them that you will honor it personally, not just your company. That means you’re actually trying to save our potential customers. Have it written into the contrat. They’re going to trust you. And they’re going to tell so many other people through word of mouth, and you’re going to have loads of sales.

6. Get them holding the product. If it’s a mobile phone, for example, it’s physically in your hand. There are so many different things we look at nowadays online, but we don’t actually hold them. If you physically have something in your hand, it’s golden.

7. Be consistent.If you are consistent with all the other points, they will naturally refer you to other people.

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