Why Is It So Great To Work In A Take Away

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Why is it so great to work in a take away? I’m here with three great guys that work in a really cool place to find out.

Dr. Conor (DC):  What is work?

Employee #1: Work is enjoyment, fulfillment, and passion. As someone says, love your job not your company.

DC: Is that just here in your workplace that it’s all those things? Or is working in general those things?

Employee: Even if I worked somewhere else, I’d still enjoy it.

DC: Other than the work that you guys do, which is

obviously really good stuff, what about other people who work in the world, what do you think work is to most people?

Employee: For most people, work is fulfilling. People want to be fulfilled in their work, want to enjoy work. I suppose pride, if you have pride in your work, you do a good job. Financial…

DC: Okay, it’s financial. Money comes into it as well. Modern day living is different, and it’s tricky to get a place to own. You also mentioned passion and pleasure, so what’s more important?

Employee: There’s a balance. You have to have a balance or you’re not going to be happy.

DC: So outside of work, what complements the balance for most people?

Employee: For me, a balance would be to enjoy life. You have to have a life life and a work life. A work life is obviously good people to work with, and outside of that, you have to have your

friends for that side of life.

DC: So when you’re at work, what’s the fun? Is it just serving food? O

Employee: No, it’s the banter and joking.

DC: Other than work, you mentioned pleasure and passion. What are the things in life that could be like pleasure and passion?

Employee: Pleasure from family. Great pleasure from seeing you children succeed in life. Join work with pleasure, maybe you can work really hard and you can afford that new house.

DC: So kind of looking forward to something, or aiming at something?

Employee: Yeah, you work yeah for a reason. Mainly financial. With financial benefits you can afford your night out.

DC: Does it lend into people’s confidence?

Employee: Of course, if you do a good job, then your confidence will grow. I`m thankful I work in a very good place, we have a pretty good team. Teamwork is very important.

DC:What about motivation?

Employee: You see a family member go on to college and you know we worked hard for this.

And feeling productive. Do a good job, and the boss doesn’t have to shout at you.

DC: You seem happy when you’re saying this. Tell us about happiness?

Employee: You work and you have a good life. You can have the banter at

work with your colleagues, you have a good social network of friends. It’s very good now in Ireland compared to a few years ago when people didn’t have a lot of work.

DC: What happened a few years ago?

Employee: We had a recession.

DC: So what should people do in recession?

Employee: I would say you do your best to survive and come out the other side.

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