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In 2019, this book was number 42 on the list of best-selling books, including

fiction and nonfiction.  It’s called Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones. It’s a very interesting one by James Clear. James Clear is an author, a speaker, and his thing is decision-making and habits. He has had much of his work featured in The New York Times and has also been on Time CBS. He’s also a speaker at Fortune 500 companies, his work has been used by the NBA, NFL, and the MLB, and he’s also had online courses.

This book it gives you a framework, and you can do this every day. His book goes about creating and informing people about good habits and also allows you to break free of the habits that are dragging you down. It’s about mastering tiny behaviors. If you have bad habits, the problem is your system. It’s the way that you related to these particular behaviors and continued with these bad habits over time. According to the book, you need to  replace the wrong system with the right system. Essentially, you will get a proven system within this book to distill more complex topics into more simplistic type of behaviors that eventually become automatic. These come from not just Clear’s ideas, but from proven ideas from psychology, biology, neuroscience, and so on. They’re easy to understand and they guide people to make better habits, and then the best habits.

Within the book, there are stories from gold medalists, award-winning artists, and people from the world of business. Life-saving physicians will use these habits. Comedians have become stars because of these habits. All these habits and ways of figuring out these behaviors that we need to change expand within the book. It basically allows people to learn to form new habits to overcome a lack of motivation. It even deals with willpower simplifying that. It allows people to look at their environment and redesign it so that they can see succeed in an easier way. If a person falls off the track, this book will allow them to go back on track. It gives them a toolbox, a strategy, a way of looking at things. It’s not a goal orientated book, but a systematic book.

Another part of the book is the four laws. The collective four laws are the laws of behavior change. These are a simple set of rules that people can use to create better habits and to release

old habits. The laws make it obvious, make it attractive, and make it easy.

That’s it from an entirely hugely successful guy, James Clear. He is sharing his way and his system through this book.

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