A Book To Change Your Life

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Here is a book to change your life- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author. This book is one that I really enjoyed many years ago, and it’s one that’s still a top seller.

Paulo Coelho was one of the most influential authors of our times if you’re looking for personal development. His books have sold more than 170 million copies all around the world. They’ve been released in 170 countries and 80 languages. Born in Rio de Janeiro after World War Two, he knew quite early on that his vocation in life was going to be writing. He was a theatre actor and director, as well as a journalist and songwriter. He collaborated with a Brazilian composer who gave possibly some of the greatest classical rock songs in Brazilian history.

In 1986, a special meeting led Paulo to make the pilgrimage to Sanjay’s Compostela in Spain. The road to Santiago was not only a common tournament at the time, but also a turning point in Paulo’s existence. One year after that he wrote The Pilgrimage, an auto biographical novel that really began his writing career.

The Alchemist was slow to sell initially. Even his first publisher wanted to drop the novel, but it went on then of course to become the best-selling Brazilian book of all time. Other titles that Paulo became famous for was Breda in 1990, Well About Curie’s  in 1992, and The River Piedra in 1994. He has had international awards and he’s been covered by many the publisher. 

The Alchemist is a mystical story based on Cole Santiago, an Andalusia shepherd boy who just really wants to travel the world. Santiago’s quest leads him to riches. The book takes us on Santiago’s journey and it teaches us about wisdom, the essential wisdom of knowing and listening to what’s in our hearts, and understanding that our hearts give us opportunities.Santiago learns how to follow his dreams. Humans too easily just give up on our dreams, but the universe is always ready to help us fulfill them. Santiago was a shepherd and he loved his flock, but he

couldn’t help but notice the limited nature of that existence. The sheep never lifted their minds or their heads to look at the green hills or even the sunsets around them. The sheep looked at things very simply, only looking for their bare needs. Santiago’s parents struggled for the basics in life and they just forgot about their own ambitions.

Santiago wants to leave that place. He sells some of his sheep and encounters a gypsy and a tramp. Both urge him to simply follow his omens. The Gypsy points out specifically that the pyramids of Egypt is where he will find treasure. Santiago believed the Gypsy and off he went.  He took security from realizing that he was on the right path.

The message is following your intuition and knowing that the universe is conspiring to give you what you want.




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