How to Have The Best Action Plan in Life

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Today we are going to learn how to create a successful action plan!

1. Use pencil and paper.  Chuck aside all this technology and get down to the brass tacks. Take out a notepad, take out the pencil, and use that. This is the first way you began to create, and when you’re the most creative, that’s when those ideas are bursting to get out.

2. Commit to reviewing the action plan, as plans may change if outside forces hit, like a recession. In 2008, there was a world recession. There were jobs lost, careers changed, and relationship breakups. Get ahead of the curve now before you even use that pencil and that piece of paper, and commit to reviewing your plan when needed.

3. Set long-term goals. Three goals is a nice number for this to start. If you can practice enough with three of them, you’re doing well. Three is attainable.

4. From your long-term goals, set no more than five short-term goals. There are going to be times throughout the day where we’re going to be rushed. If we’re missing out on our short-term goals, we’re then going to miss out on the long-term goal. Sp we need to break it down. Three is our long-term goal, and five is a short-term goal. Make it attainable.

5. Reward yourself for each short-term and long-term goal. Make your rewards practical. If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t reward yourself with cake and sabotage yourself and your new habit. Go to the cinema instead.

6. Stick to the plan unless it becomes impractical. Commit to reviewing and adjusting the plan,

7. Have someone in your life who is a sounding board for emotional support. It could be a parent,  it could be a partner, some  interested in how you feel. The pressures can wear you down, so you need to have that sounding board.

8. Believe that it will happen. You are accountable. You dictate how it is going to be. It’s up to you, so believe it will happen.

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