Everyday Things That Are Killing Your Confidence

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Here are everyday things that are killing your confidence.

1. Social media. You’re killing your chances of getting out there and meeting people. Being with people is the most natural way of living. You need to know how to adapt and react to social living and social situations. How many times have people told me about disappointment in their lives in comparison to the people that they see on social media?

2. Negative thinking. If you start negative thinking just for the sake of negative thinking, you’re not going to actually achieve anything. There is nothing good that comes out of negative thinking. By increasing your negativity towards yourself, you are actually decreasing

your confidence. We need to bring our character and make our self talk much more positive.

3. Perfectionism. Perfectionism can begin with this fantastic ambition to achieve something, but getting and gaining something can be done without being a perfectionist. Perfectionism gives us no particular green-flag to go ahead, because we are stopped with the red flag even before we get there. It gives us nothing and puts us nowhere.

4. Giving our power to everyone else. It knocks our confidence. It makes us vulnerable to everybody else. Our confidence is being chipped away.

5.When people feel they have nothing to add to the conversation. If you have confidence issues, or you are social media living, it’s possible that you feel that you’ve nothing to add to the conversation. But everybody has something to give to the conversation. Even if you do not

converse, your very presence is giving something.

6. Setting goals that are too far ahead. We need to chop them back to more attainable goals. Spend timeon one goal at a time. If you have a short-term goal, then you will attain it much easier than a long-term goal. So we must chop back on what we expect to achieve.

7. Facebook binging. Facebook is a place to communicate, a place to have your products, a place to just put information out there. It’s a tool. But if we use too much of our time on one tool, we are obsessing. We are leaning on something that is not going to give us a long term confidence.

We need to make sure that we are doing something more natural .

8. Not breaking a sweat. A good workout, a quick run, just getting the endorphins going will give you a great feeling!

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