Confident Male Traits Versus Non Confident Male Traits

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What is confidence for a man? We’ve got 10 things to bring you today that will make you more confident.

1. Dress well. Dress like you want to speak to the world in this moment. What is it that you feel comfortable in?  If you have to wear a shirt, wear a nice one. Iron it and make sure it’s clean. Brush your hair, groom yourself and be the best version of you.

2. Speak well. There is absolutely no need for bad language. If you’re clever enough with your language, you don’t need to use bad language. Being articulate is a gift you can give yourself. Speak louder, speak clearer, speak lower if need be. It’s a communication strategy that you can use to help yourself to be better. 

3. You need to work hard. By working hard, you can succeed. Katy Perry encouraged her fans not just to work hard but also to be proud and to celebrate their bit of hard work. Mark Wahlberg

gets up super early, works really hard, goes to the gym, answers his calls with his agent, and gets out there and delivers stuff in film, and that’s how he has been successful.

4. Give yourself a reward at the end of your work. Give yourself a reward that is just fitting for what you’ve done. Don’t go absolutely mad if you’ve just attained a short-term goal. Just take a field trip to a museum or an aquarium or an open-air market. Schedule and plan them as being the reward for what you have attained in your productivity.

5. Do what you’re good at. Believe it or not, there’s a million and one people out there who are not gifted like you are. Maybe you’ve done something for free all your life, but that does not mean there aren’t people out there that will not pay for your skill.

6. Be consistent. Whatever your skills are, be consistent with them. Your ability to be consistent will reward you, because at the end of that your consistency is going to be good for you.

7. You are in control of being the best version of yourself. By being consistent, by using what you’re good at, by getting out there and being clean, dressing well, you’re going to actually be successful because you’re presenting yourself as being that person that you deserve to be.

8. Know your masculinity but be open to your masculine weakness. None of us are perfect. There is no perfect man. You’re gonna get a kick in the ass sometime, so accept that you have

faults. Look at those masculine faults and actually accept them.

9. Women are just people, too. They are born as a baby, they grow up as a child, they come to

womanhood in their own time. A lot of this is socially constructed anyway, so

why not just treat them like human beings?

10. Avoid being lazy. A man is about doing and having action, so if you’re an action man, that action can make you work hard, present better, and you therefore will get better people

around you.

Reasons Employees Won’t Succeed as Entrepreneurs- 

Money is an anxiety. Money is just one thing that comes and goes, so we need to do something better. We need to reduce our anxiety around money.

1. We need to live within our means. It gives us a safe place to start. Pay off debt. If debt becomes greater and causes anxiety, this anxiety and money are intertwined, so we need to remove debt.

2. We need to pull back on automating our lifestyle. Today we have digital banking. We need to realize that we do this automatically, but is it the best for ourselves? If we take a step back from our online accounts and look at the bigger picture, we realize we can be entrepreneurs. It’s the automators that are dictating to you that they want money in a certain way, so does that suit your lifestyle?

3. Employees have only limited energy to work. You may have found yourself where your energy is sapped by your work. There are limitations on that. You have to realize that your energy is gold, and you need to protect it. Make that energy flow for you.

4. We need to have passion. Employees often do not have a passion for what they’re working on.

If you’re passionate about teaching people or helping people or making money, or that passion can then be used within your own entrepreneurialship.

5. They lack confidence. If you lack confidence, if you lack vision,  you may as well be an employee. If you’re confident enough to go into work and expect money at the end of the week as an employee, you’re confident enough to know that money can come from somewhere else. So use that confidence and go forward with your entrepreneurial ideas.

6. Employees don’t want to manage themselves. We all manage ourselves 24/7 in our daily lives. Why do we have anxiety about managing ourselves in the future? If you’re in that scary moment as an entrepreneur, cling on for that second you are there and manage yourself, so you can reap the benefits. You don’t need somebody else to push yourself.

7. Employees can’t see a future with a change in employment. Employment changes, it never stays the same. All these futuristic jobs will be different. If you can have that vision, you can see what’s coming up and plan your entreprenuerialship accordingly.

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