10 Things Poor People DO That Rich People DON`T

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What are the 10 things that poor people do that rich people dont? If we can begin to avoid what we`re doing wrong, we can begin to start the right thing.

1. They think negatively. We need to avoid thinking negatively, because this is what poor people do, and it’s a cycle of thought. It’s from generation to generation. The seed of negative though can actually be the seed that grows negatively throughout this and every other lifetime. Thinking negatively is how we remain poor.

2. They speak negatively. They say things like “I can`t” or “I won`t be able to” or “Why should I help you?” But you can turn this around for sure.

3. Justifying their negative thinking. They actually justify this, and they do it out loud by saying things and talking ill of themselves. It’s the way they think, and then compensate and justify by saying I can`t do this because I have no money. But money goes around. It flows, just like energy. So, if we change our energy then surely we can change the flow of money.

4. They have seen their parents being unsuccessful, so they then think that they won`t be successful. What is the definition of success? It has nothing to do with your parents.

5. They spend money before they think about more positive ways of using this money. They have gotten ridden of their prime resources that they have taken in. So we need to think how it is or what it is that we are going to do with this money. How can I spend it? Can I spend in a different way? If were to only make a list of how we could spend it before spending it, we`ll then have a more powerful thought process.

6. They procrastinate. This loses time and opportunity. Opportunities come around very rarely and the older we are, the rarer they become. If we procrastinate, we are losing timely opportunities. Procrastination is after all the thief of time.

7. They blame people. They blame people from their past, even when those people are no longer in their lives. It makes no sense. No matter what negative thing has happened, whatever they have said or done, they are not here right now. That’s a way of poor people allowing people from the past to have control over their present and future lives. How can you be successful if it’s their negativity that you`re taking on?

8. Poor people save money when rich people invest. Saving is not the worst technique ever to do with money, but there can be better ways of doing it. Economies change, and different ways of doing things come about. There are opportunites out there. If we have a limited amount of money and invest it into something, we are making that money possibly , potentially and probably GROW. That is how we can become better with our money.

9. Poor people eat badly. How does that matter? Eating badly is a self form of punishment. Look at any animal anything out there. They eat when they slow down. They need to eat for energy. So, consume like a car. You put in that diesel, that gas, that petrol, that oil, whatever is going into that car, and it gives us the ability to motor on down!

10. It’s quite often poor people have some form of sabotage. Like watching endless hours of meaningless garbage television. It’s just going nowhere, and it`ll bring us nowhere . It’s contradicting the good that you`ve done.

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