10 Strategies Rich Use That The Poor Never Learn

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What are the 10 strategies that the rich use, that the poor have never learned?

1. They use short term budgeting. When Ed Sheeran was a student, he allowed himself a monthly allowance of $1000 and didn’t go over that. Tiffany Haddish drove a Honda long after she became famous. It’s so important not to be wasteful, and to be frugal in your means.

2. They use long term budgeting. Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp, despite them being incredibly famous, have both run into financial troubles at different times because they invested their money incorrectly. They were unable to understand how to budget. It’s about investing in the best way. We need to understand the long haul of our lives from a financial point of view.

3.  They get up early. That sounds boring, but think of a really successful person who instead of investing money, invested his time into going to bed early, which allows him to get up early and be more productive. As Benjamin Franklin said “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

4. They have a long-term goal. You need to connect your long-term goals and your core values.  We need to have a specific, easy to stick to plan, so that we can truly believe in our goals in the first place. We need to have goals that allow us to feel achievement. We need to have compassion and boldness in what we’re doing.

5. They avoid listening to other people’s opinions of how to live their life. If we are thinking about what other people think, then we are led down the road of negativity. These are just subjective opinions of other people. By avoiding this, you’re avoiding all the negativity and bad energy.

6. They do what they’re good at. If you’re naturally gifted at something, the thing you do better than anyone, you can achieve greatness. You can make money for being good at it. Utilize your talent to help other people and then gain recognition and success.

7. They are more consistent. Poor people are inconsistent and doing all the easy things. Consistency is boring, but money just flows from it.

8. They spend less at the beginning of their goal. You need to become oriented towards your budget, look at your short-term budgeting, your long-term budgeting, and your goal.

9. They have patience above all else. People give up. 1 million people equals 1 million dollars if one person just drops one dollar a day. Most people will give in if you’re patient. Just continue to wait that extra moment. That extra moment is the moment that you could succeed.

10. They believe. They believe in everything I’ve just said. This is science. This is what has happened with millions of rich people, not just now but in the past as well. They use these all of these strategies consistently.

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