Dr. Conor is the no.1 best-selling author of The Gym Upstairs: The Neuroscience of Future Champions.

He is a mental performance expert for world record-achieving leaders. Dr. Hogan has helped committed performers to maximize productivity, energy, professional satisfaction, and leadership without stress and pressure. He customizes his high-performance services by using the best research-backed evidence to guarantee the best results.  

Also acknowledged by  as one of the most influential thought leaders, Dr. Conor integrates the findings of neuroscience and psychology within the social context of performers and studies the mind and mental processes of individuals, teams, and organizations to facilitate higher performance. Dr. Hogan is his country’s pioneering leading social audio speaker and was a national debating champion who also represented his country internationally.

In his work, he holistically connects how the greatest performers in the world use their minds, brains, and bodies to pursue the boundaries of human potential. 

Having been featured in Forbes, INC; Entrepreneur, NBC, FOX, CBS, and Business Insider among others, Dr. Conor paves the way in international innovative thinking. He has developed scientific techniques that enable people to eliminate high-stress feelings within 4 minutes. 

By working with their high performance he guarantees they will have a 70%+ increase in their productivity.

As Dr. Conor has studied the human brain and mind extensively, he knows that the often perceived gap between the issues of mental health and mental performance are inseparable. As the world’s leading high-performance neuro socio-psychologist, Dr. Conor integrates mental, physical, social, and psychological processes in his work with high performers.

His clients manage pressure in competition better. They decrease stress in their lives, mature faster as leaders, and become more aware of their perceptions when performing. They also improve their overall mental recovery time and have a guaranteed and minimum 7% increase in performing better from one day to the next which allows for their mental performance to be scientifically optimized within the shortest period possible.

Dr. Conor works with high performers by establishing what affect their brain, overall behavior, and performance. He then examines their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, and goals to make them perform to their maximum capability.  



 Dr. Hogan Ph.D. is an award-winning leader across several human behavioral fields.

Throughout the world pandemic of Covid-19, Dr. Conor created and led an international group of thousands of people across all seven continents. He continues to support international causes and research extensively.

He completed his Ph.D. in the National University of Galway, Ireland which is in the top 1% of universities internationally after he had attained many other internationally accredited qualifications in the high-performance arena including neuroscience, emotionally and mental therapies, physical therapy, psychotherapy, education, and coaching.

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