Have Well-Being In The Heat

The heat is on for the past couple of weeks here in Ireland. This evening as I slouched into my armchair and attempted to check out my e-mail, I heard the radio speak about the present hot and humid conditions that we are experiencing. The weather forecaster spoke of how hot and arid the weather has become and compared this Summer of 2018 to way back in 1976.

Back in the 1970s there was a Summer that produced unbelievable record temperatures and peoples’ well-being was under undue pressure as families flocked to the sunny seaside in need of a welcome dash of water. Late in that decade, in 1979, the west of Ireland welcomed the then Pope John Paul the 2nd. At that time Ireland was a very different place to what it is right now.

As scorching temperatures from the late 1970s return so does the current Pope of the Catholic Church. How our well-being will be in the coming years ahead may yet well be dictated by the hot weather and present lack of  water that we are experiencing. The coming years may also need us to react differently to the pressure that our water systems seem to be placing on us right now. Perhaps,  as the Church has found itself in ‘hot water’ in the past, the  coming weeks and words of the Pope will start to sooth us a little in the times ahead or maybe we`ll be left red with anger.

Either way, we need to keep cool in the heat in the days to come!