Educational Courses

The following courses are designed for you, as an adult, if suffering from any of the physical problems and wonder about your emotional and/ or mental state because of this injury, ailment or illness. However, if you are not suffering from anything you can still take these courses. If you are an educator, health practitioner, or therapist and are curious as to other modalities then these courses are for you. If you are intending to study as an educator, health practitioner, coach, and therapist or just have a caring, yet curious nature, then these courses are right up your path. If you are a parent then right here you will find a wealth of information also. Of course, there is no prerequisite for viewing these courses so if you just want to have a try you will find a wealth of information in them communicated in a very simplistic and enjoyable manner.

All video courses were initially designed to be viewed by clients once a week for 6 weeks such is the density of information within. However, all courses can be viewed from beginning to the end in one or several viewings by you.

Each course details history and background of the specific topic, the best international evidence based practice of each topic, examples of cases studies and internationally well known people who have benefited from the specific modality and techniques of the therapies and modalities are given for you to maximize your learning from these courses.

Each course includes:

  • Phd. neurological, educational and psychological theory made easy for you!
  • Secrets of successful people that will last you a lifetime!
  • Online links to other world renowned success stories!
  • Techniques that are scientifically proven to work for you!

At present the following courses are available to purchase:

Analytical Psychology

Anxiety and Complementary Therapies

Art Therapy

Behavioural Therapy

Bowen Therapy


Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Faith Healing

Family Therapy

Teen Mindfulness