Physical Therapy

Dr. Conor Ph.D has suffered from a lot of physical ailments and injuries and this limited much of his movement and growth when he was  younger. From these experiences he began to educate himself so that he could offer physical therapy to those in need of it.

Together with his qualifications in this area, Dr. Conor Ph.D offers a wealth of personal experience for those who require advice and body work also. He also teaches regular exercise classes and often offers his clients this option to help their ailments too.

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Before going to an appointment or consultation please note that you are required to print off and fill out the attached waiver, and pay at least 10% of the specific service. This is to avoid any potential cancellation on the client’s part and to assure that other clients have a fair chance of getting a cancellation with Dr. Conor, his staff or associates.  

If you are unsure of the cost of any appointment or consultation please contact Dr. Conor below first: 

Dr. Conor Therapy Waiver 2020

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