De-Stressing Leaders- Attaining The Highest Sustainable Performance

This keynote simplifies neuroscience for leaders in a fun and interactive way. Drawing off the leadership capabilities of all audience members, Dr. Conor breaks down his work and research in the high performance area to give participants key takeaways that will enable them to immidiately transfrom their performance level to its optimum level. By integrating personal authentic stories, the crowd loves this speech as it fills the atmosphere with an active and fun buzz.

Maximizing Team Empathy- Connecting Unique Performance Strengths

This keynote opens the door to the individual differences that all team members have and then binds them together to show how the most successful teams achieve the most. Using cutting research-backed content, Dr. Conor leads the audience with a laughter-filled yet rationally thought-through methodology, participants actively discover how they can play a better role in achieving more for their team members.

Emotional Intelligence For Performance Enhancement- How EI Rules AI

In a time where artificial intelligence is being used in the top companies and organizations worldwide, there are many who wonder about the need for human labor now and in the future. However, without truly emotionally intelligent human leaders artificial intelligence can be used in the wrong way to reduce productivity, increase team problems, decrease motivation, and create overall stress.  In this keynote, Dr. Conor uncovers the reasons why most people become de-motivated in the modern world, then clarifies and re-invigorates the minds of the audience so they personally reflect on their big WHY to re-focus them back to their maximum performance level. Within this speech, the participants enjoy open and candid examples of everyday triumphs and tribulations in a high-octane and funny presentation.

As the world changes Dr. Conor has adapted to the needs of it. By speaking virtually, he can reach more people in a more specialized way. 

Virtual speaking includes all the above options of keynote speaking topics as well as the availability of workshops, and it also allows you to avail of the technology which makes it simple to include an unlimited amount of audience members from all around the world. 

Dr. Conor provides live and virtual workshops for leaders and teams on a variety of topics. From high performance, well-being, mental health, leadership, teamwork, communication, and productivity, he integrates his vast array of knowledge and experience into custom-made workshops that fit his client’s requirements. 

As every client is different and  issue is not the same, so too is his approach to each workshop. By consulting with Dr. Conor you can feel free to share your workshop ideas and duration before being guaranteed that you will both come to an amicable plan for a successful workshop design.