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Dr. Conor Ph.D  is Ireland’s first edupreneur (An Edupreneur  is an entrepreneur who works within in the education sector. Edupreneurs  are usually mission-driven and live for bringing to light positive impact‘- Forbes, 2017’).

Whilst carrying out this tailored service to individuals and groups, Dr. Conor Ph.D coaches and mentors people from a variety of educational backgrounds. From their initial want to become an entrepreneur, during their opening of their enterprise, and right up until they are a success he is there for them in their chosen field of business. 

As Dr. Conor Ph.D grew up working in a family business and opened several businesses himself, his knowledge of  enterprise grew since he first attained his Degree in Commerce. This, twinned with his almost two decades in primary, post-primary, and special education for the Department of Education ensures that his clients have the best expertise available to them during his sessions with them.

All of his clients of his ‘Education to Enterprise’ tailored service can join his online group here: 

Education to Enterprise

This is a group for people who want to address any educational issues that they have and then become an entrepreneur!

When the Coronavirus (Covid-19) rocked the whole world in early 2020 with global stock markets posted their steepest falls since the 2008 world financial crisis. Millions of people lost their job as a result of the virus. Fears of a repeat of the 1929 Wall Street rout and the eventual Great Depression of the 1930’s became now very real. With universities and colleges closed down questions people still needed to become educated. 

To avoid the economic uncertainty and the need to re-educate formally you now need to take greater control of your life and become the entrepreneur  that you know you can be. You may need basic education, more detailed education, or just to join others. This group allows you to become educated and skilled sufficiently for you to open your very own enterprise.

Sign up for the FREE book on ‘The Basic Universal Law’  here  . This book  allows you to discover the secrets to your best self. It also allows you to generate ideas for your enterprise. Once inside the group you will receive your FREE course on ‘Education to Enterprise Ignited!’.

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