Writing and Presentations (Real Life & Online Also)

Dr. Conor Ph.D`s writing has been covered nationally and internationally through co-writing a book featuring in newspapers and magazines and other print media. In 2019 and 2020 he will be writing about a variety of topics in education, neuroscience, socialisation, health and wellbeing.

All of his writing will be linked from and into www.DocConor.com. He will also present some of his writing in a variety of locations throughout 2019 and beyond.

He offers online courses and all of them are written by himself. He is available for writing and presentations to a broad audience and across a wide sphere of interests within the education, neuroscience, socialisation, health and well-being areas also.

Contact Dr. Conor on https://docconor.com/contact/

Before going to an appointment or consultation please note that you are required to print off and fill out the attached waiver, and pay at least 10% of the specific service. This is to avoid any potential cancellation on the client’s part and to assure that other clients have a fair chance of getting a cancellation with Dr. Conor, his staff or associates.  

These services can be availed of in a real life or an online setting. Please e-mail Dr. Conor for further information and a booking now.

If you are unsure of the cost of any appointment or consultation please contact Dr. Conor below first: 

Dr. Conor Therapy Waiver 2020

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Contact Dr. Conor on https://docconor.com/contact/